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A Friendly CowDrink Milk? Welcome to Milk, Milk & More Milk! I used to be an ardent supporter of consuming milk products of all sorts, but have since learned that it is not as "good" for us as we have been led to believe. It seems as if milk has always been a part of our diet. However, this is certainly not the case.

It stands to reason that the reason an animal produces milk is to nourish their young during their growth stages. So, Cow's Milk is for Baby Cows. Mother's milk is for baby humans. With this realization, I was driven to look at the formula of milk, what milk contains, and led to many questions concerning its true safety.

Please browse this web site and share with me your thoughts about experiences you have had drinking milk: milk@elehost.com.

I personally no longer drink milk because I do not want any possible cancer in my body to grow faster than it should (because of increased levels of IGF-1 from drinking Milk), nor do I want the increased chance of developing prostate cancer, or diabetes. I do not want my bones leeched of calcium from drinking milk. Did you hear that? I will say it again because it is so important: I do not want my bones leeched of calcium from drinking milk. How can that be? Click here to read why this is the case (with full scientific references). It really is seems simple science to me.

This site is dedicated to all the milk drinkers who have died prematurely because of cancer, osteoporosis, and bone disease.

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A Friendly Cow -- MilkWe have sourced the information on this site from many sites, e-mails, books and conversations. We would like to especially thank Robert Cohen and wish to credit his site NotMilk.com for providing us with valuable milk related information.